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Your personalhealth coach Treatments based onayurveda Relaxation & Sportsmassage
Your personalhealth coach
Weight/Stress management, Detoxification/Cleansing, Rejuvenation, Ayu-Lifestyle package
Treatments based onayurveda
Cleansing of metabolic waste (Shodhana), Pacification of Excess dosha (Shamana), Rejuvenation of the tissues (Brmhana)
Relaxation & Sportsmassage
Dinacharya Massage, Kerala Massage, Cleansing Massage, Sports massage, Pada Abhyanga, Ojus Abhyanga, Medicated steam

Ayurveda Clinic, Health Coach, Rejuvenation Massage

Each of these services are carefully crafted keeping your wellness in mind.

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The word “Swastha” has two parts. “Swa” and “Stha”. Swa represents “own self” and “Stha” represents “to be situated or existence”. The word Swastha means healthy.

Here in Swastha.Life, we give you support to attain a healthy life as per ayurvedic definitions, integrating ancient ayurveda knowledge along with current practical learning.

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