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Ayurveda Massage

As per Indian tradition it used to be a routine to apply oil on a daily basis on head and body. Oil massage should be a part of our healthy lifestyle.

Abhyangam achareth nithyam sa jarasrama vata ha

Do oil massage on daily basis to reduce tiredness, vata and ageing. Therapeutic massage with medicated oil stimulates your nerves and energy points. Massage provide many benefits- it slows down aging, improves immunity, better circulation, lubrication to the joints, elimination of toxins through stimulated circulatory and lymphatic system, improved skin tone, reduces muscle tension etc.

Dinacharya Massage

40 min full body massage including head massage, smooth flowing movements with lots of oil. Basic massage for beginners.

Kerala Massage/Cleansing Massage

50 min full body Ayurvedic massage and 15 min medicated steam. Relieves muscle pain and improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

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Sports massage

60 min massage which involves small kneading and circular movements for particular muscle groups. Recommended as part of sports recovery and muscle over strain.

Back massage/ Kadi Greeva Abhyanga

30 min Abhyanga concentrating on lower back and neck muscles and 10 minutes medicated steam. Appropriate for all age groups for preventing back problems.

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Relaxation massage/Nirvana Abhyanga

90 min relaxation massage, soft slow-moving strokes, good for complete relaxation of the body. Takes you into a relaxed mood, soothes all muscles.

Pada Abhyanga/Traveller’s massage

30 min foot massage including knee joint, concentrates on energy point. Relieves weariness and relaxes the leg muscle after a long drive.

Head and Neck Massage/ Ojus Abhyanga

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30 min massage for head and face with Varmam points. Excellent short massage to boost energy and  for relaxation after a hectic day.

Face massage

20 min massage of face and neck to reduce fine lines, increase blood circulation. Stimulates marma point which helps in anti ageing.

Medicated steam

Detox the skin and reduce the pain. 15 min.