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About Us

Dr. Sreelekha R S
BAMS, MD (Alternative Medicine)
-Certified Health and Nutrition Life Coach
-Diploma in Sports Nutrition
-Fellowship in Sports Rehabilitation
-PG Diploma in Clinical Research

Dr. Sreelekha acquired her BAMS degree from the prestigious Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She has more than a decade’s experience in ayurvedic treatments. She also has a MD in alternative medicine . After acquiring post graduate diploma in clinical research, she worked in pharmacovigilance and drug safety for a few years. She later acquired diploma in diet, nutrition and health coaching.

She founded Swastha.Life to pursue her passion for wellness through Ayurveda. She combines her experience in traditional ayurveda with diet and nutrition to provide customised wellness and lifestyle plans for everyone.

As per my friend's recommendation, I visited Swastha.life for a rejuvenation therapy. Dr Sreelekha was very humble. She made a detailed analysis of my prakriti as per Ayurveda and got a thorough check on my body fat index. As a rejuvenation therapy, she advices me a full body massage with steam which was the best i had till date. Therapist was gentle and the therapy room was clean ,well planned and the ambiance was just right. Massage was so soothing and relaxing that i have decided to get it done atleast once a month.
Prajna Jain

What is Swastha

The word “Swastha” has 2 parts. “Swa” and “Stha”. Swa represents “own self” and “Stha” represents “to be situated or existence”. The word Swastha means healthy.

Who is Swastha

Samadosha Sama agnischa samadhathu malakriyaha
Prasanna athmendriya manaha, swastha ithyabhidheeyathe

If all doshas are in balance and digestion, assimilation and cleansing are proper, and your mind and sensory organs are healthy, then you are a healthy person. As per Ayurveda, it is clear that being healthy doesn’t mean you are free from diseases but means that you feel good and happy in all aspects.

Here in Swastha.Life, we give you support to attain a healthy life as per Ayurvedic definitions, integrating ancient Ayurveda knowledge along with current practical learnings.

How can you be ” Swastha”

As per Ayurveda one needs “Samyak ahara vihara and vichara”. “Ahara” is food habits, “Vihara” is all about habits and activities and “Vichara” is about thoughts and mental health. You need a balanced and holistic approach in your ‘Ahara’, ‘Vihara’ and ‘Vichara’ practices to achieve ‘Swastha’.  In a way it is all about adapting to a healthy lifestyle guided by Ayurveda.

Currently the world is grappling with non-communicable diseases also known as non-infectious epidemics mainly due to impaired and unbalanced lifestyle practices. The age old system of Ayurveda and yoga primarily focuses on prevention of diseases through lifestyle modifications.

Ayurveda provides elaborate advice on lifestyle practices. It proposes daily routines to be followed (dinacharya), to relax your body muscles through oil massage (abhyanga), changes in routine as per climate changes (ritu charya) importance of exercises and methods of cleansing your body on a regular basis.